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Medical iT has been servicing the Medical & Dental Industry for the past 10 years. We are the experts in designing compliant “on premises” physical servers and cloud based IT Networks that are personalised to the practices requirements. Our Engineers will design a network that will be compliant to your Medical or Dental Software used in your practice.

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We can help with……..

IT services for new medical & dental practices

  • We will recommend and approach your practices technology correctly and ensure it’s Medical compliant.
  • Our Medical IT Engineers will provide you multiple options for hardware, software and network design.
  • We will help you understand the benefits of the diverse technologies available for practices.
  • Discuss multiple solutions of servers; “on premises” servers vs. cloud servers.
  • Ensure you don’t waste your money on unnecessary IT items.
  • Work with our experts get it right the first time; don’t make costly mistakes
  • Let us help you with advice on software, phone system, eftpos, PKI certificates (Medicare), Medical Software and many more items.

Let us help with……..

IT support options & solutions for common IT problems

Our Medical & Dental IT Support Engineers have a long standing reputation in the Medical IT  industry for being solution driven,affordable and responsive. We have solved many problems for practices where traditional generalist IT companies struggled or failed. We have gained this level of expertise because of our extensive experience in the Medical & Dental IT field, alongside our on-going staff training & development and consistent interaction with all Medical & Dental Software companies & their support teams so we are one step ahead.

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support | Help Desk
  • Emergency onsite support
  • Remote monitoring and IT Maintenance
  • Eliminate ongoing problems
  • Eliminate Continual IT Bills

Work with our experts……..

Start your practice in the cloud or migrate to the cloud securely

For practices, setting up or moving to the cloud requires experts who understand the privacy of patient data, confidentiality of the practices data and most importantly have the experience to set up or migrate your current server to the cloud; so no data is lost during the process. Our Medical & Dental IT Engineers understand the ‘Medical Cloud” space, our team will ensure your practice uses the right cloud services and face no drastic downtime or data loss during the transition. Our combined strategy will allow your practice to operate as normal and not be affected during this process.

  • Medical Compliant Servers
  • Highly Secure Cloud solutions
  • Powered by industry leading security
  • Safe transition from your local server
  • Multiple options of technology and servers
  • Monthly payment options no upfront hardware costs

All Medical & Dental Disciplines

IT Support by Medical & Dental Software

By Medical Software

We can help your practice click through to the software you are currently using or looking to use in the future.

IT Support by Medical & Dental Software

By Medical Software

We can help your practice click through to the software you are currently using or looking to use in the future.

By Dental Software

We can help your practice click through to the software you are currently using or looking to use in the future.

By Dental Software

We can help your practice click through to the software you are currently using or looking to use in the future.

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All our IT Engineers & Support staff are trained in building the right IT network for most of the Medical Software Programs in the market. You will have an overall safer, more secure, optimised and efficient IT system in your practice by utilising our Medical IT Engineers expertise. Let us help you get it right the first time so you don’t waste your time and an money on the wrong technology, hardware and network design. Working in a practice where the system doesn’t work well or as it should affects the staff, the doctor’s and overall perception of the practice to patients

We are consistently speaking to the Medical & Dental Software vendors on a daily basis regarding updates, new releases, learning the do’s and don’ts, bugs fixes etc. This allows us to provide your practices with access to operate safely and receive compliant advise. We have a test environment for every software vendor where we test and apply updates. These upgrades are trailed and tested before applying them to your practice. This eliminates any bugs, bad releases of software updates and avoids any issues of your practice running a bad version of an update released by the Medical or Dental software vendor.

Medical IT as an organisations is aware of all the compliance required for ISO, Accreditation and the Privacy Policy. We will ensure that your patient data will be protected and secure as well as help your practice be compliant from an IT Perspective. Don’t leave your practices privacy and compliance when it comes to IT in the hands of IT companies or individuals that are unaware of the legalities and requirements or Medical and Dental data.

Most of our existing Industry partners and friends recommend us to their clients with confidence and know we will improve their current IT situation as well as provide them with honest advice as well as an affordable solution. We have worked hard to earn our credible reputation from Doctor’s and Dentist’s and by the industry. The fact our friends and partners recommend us to their clients as this is a testimony that most of professionals in the field recognise our work and quality. Also through daily feedback they have advised us that they have the confidence to refer us to their valued clients most importantly. For more information please click here to look at “Our Partners” page.

When we become your IT Partners and your IT advisers we will ensure your are introduced to the latest technology available to practices so you can achieve lower costs, higher security and a better performing practice from a technology perspective. Our  IT Engineers will work closely with your practice on an ongoing basis to show you through better ways to approach your technology. We aim to to be progressive and proactive IT Partners not a non-responsive or negligent one.

Our support team are all trained on how to eliminate problems fast. We have one of the most responsive, efficient and problem solving support desks based locally in your states. All our staff are continually trained on your network changes and advancements and if there are any changes required your Medical & Dental devices, Pathology providers and Medical & Dental Software Vendors. Our strength compared to most IT companies are that our staff are all employed and not contractors, this has eliminated many frustrations and helped with our staff knowing your system as soon as they log in.

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