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At Medical IT  we have always purely been focused on delivering technology and Medical IT Support through to the Medical and Dental industry for over 10 years. Our Team of Medical IT Consultants & Medical IT Engineers are actively engaged with Medical & Dental practices on a daily basis and are always ensuring we are all ahead of the “technology curve”. One the factors of our success is that we have established strong long standing strategic relationships with most of the Medical and Dental software companies in Australia. We also deal with other technology partners services such as  secure messaging, EFTPOS, Medical & Dental building companies, dictation technologies, Medical & dental devices and many more.

Our Medical IT Support team prides itself on finding new and better IT solutions for practices as well as permanent fixes to on-going IT problems that practices face. We can help new & existing practices with onsite & offsite Medial IT Support & other IT Services. We can also refer them to the right people in the industry for a range of other services available to doctors in the market. We have had long term achievement in successfully setting up New practices with a complete solution of supplying of the hardware, design and configuration of the network with options on the cloud or local on premise server networks. For existing practices we can help with upgrading their servers or an upgrade of entire networks packaged with support & maintenance plans for the future after the upgrade. Our goal is to provide our customers with high levels of customer service and fast response to your support requirements so that your practice down time is minimal at all times.

All of our processes, technology, data protection, security, backup are focused to deliver effective outcomes for practices. So your business will be optimal around the clock and not left vulnerable to threats or security and data breaches. 10/10 times our Medical IT Engineers will get to IT Problems faster then general IT providers because they work on IT cases for Medical and Dental practices day in and day out. As well as in most cases awe are one of the first to be notified of any changes to your practice management or clinical software directly from your Medical or Dental Software vendors. Our overall skills will reduce your practice downtime at the same time; cost you less because our expertise will get to the problems faster. Make the right choice for your practice work with Medical IT as our team aims to make a long term relationship with your company and help wherever we can.

All Shapes & Sizes

We service a wide range of practices in all disciplines and sizes from Single Doctor Practices up to Public and Private Hospitals. All our clients receive the same level of support and importance regardless of the size or requirements of the their practice.

  • Single Doctor Practices
  • Multi Doctor Practices

  • Large Multi-Locatioin Practices

  • Medical Practice GP Chains

  • Hospitals Private and Public

Why to choose us?

Three Reasons


We are focused only on Medical & Dental IT. All our resources training and investment are invested in the Medical & Dental Space. Our Medical IT Engineers are highly trained and efficient, they can provide solutions to the most difficult IT Problems. We have direct access to the Medical & Dental Software support teams as well as access to the first releases so we can test them before you are affected by any bad or “buggy” releases. We want to be an integral part of the practices success in delivering great patient outcomes. through the use of technology.


Medical IT Have established strong relationships and achieved strong buying powers from vendors so that our clients can get the best technology at the lowest costs. As a company we don’t compromise performance or security for cost but we do provide options that can be more affordable at the same time maintaining quality. Our on going support and maintenance options are customised to your practices requirements, we have many options to suit your practice. Our Consultants will be committed to providing you multiple options to suit your practice budget.

Honesty and Credibility

We have built a strong reputation with our clients and partners over the past decade. We have many clients that would be happy to sing our praise and provide you with feedback of their experience when setting up or moving to Medical IT. All of our staff are honest and strive to give you what’s right for your practice not the commercial benefit. You will see this honesty and credibility during consultations, support matters, recommendations and many more cases. We seek to build a intimate relationship with our practices.

Our Partners & Friends

Strong Relationships, so you get the best advice

All Medical & Dental Disciplines

What Makes Us Different?

Simplifying Your Practice’s IT

  • Focused on Medical & Dental Technology
  • Team of Experts
  • Strong Partnerships – Medical Industry
  • Medical Compliant technology
  • Fast Response
  • Honest not Commercial
  • Strong Support Resources
  • Helpdesk and Onsite support
  • Committed & Reliable
  • Committed & Reliable
  • Many Success Stories
  • Honest not Commercial
  • Strong Support Resources
  • Helpdesk and Onsite support
  • Committed & Reliable
  • Committed & Reliable
  • Many Success Stories

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