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IT Hardware would have to be in the top 3 important items to get right when setting up a new practice. Generally the minimum specifications outlined by a medical or dental device or software company is not necessarily the right guidelines. There are so many factor’s to consider when choosing hardware and all the software installed on the hardware. Choosing the wrong hardware will create great nightmares for practices form a efficiency and productivity point and in most cases will end up costing you double. Our experts will advice and supply your practice with the right hardware at the best rates as well as ensure you have the right services in the case where the hardware dies i.e warranties and support. Speak to our Medical IT Engineers & Consultants and get the right advice first time round

When choosing the right IT provider it is the key to the success of your IT system working right if you have the best hardware but the network is not configured or designed right you will never get the advantages of your hardware’s performance. You always face the risk of on-going performance issues, network drop out’s , your software crashing and your system vulnerable to threats of viruses and ransomware attacks.

Your Medical Or Dental Software will rely on your network design and your IT Hardware.

We can help advise you what the right software is available in the market and because we are in consistent contact we give you the insights on future advancements and benefits or things to watch out for. You may be accustomed to using a specific software from a previous practice, but chances are there are better options or better functionality on other products available we will take your though these if you are open to it. Our strong relationships with all the Medical and Dental Software vendors will allow you to potentially get better pricing as well as the right advice.

Starting a new practice can sometimes be so time consuming that you won’t have time to be introduced to the right people. Our Consultants can introduce you to many industry experts when it comes to you setting up a new practice. We have friends in Practice fit-out companies, Medical software vendors, telephony and internet, EFTPOS, paperless solutions, furniture, printing and design and many more. Working with a provider that understands your industry and all the suppliers and provider will be very beneficial for your practice and can save you potentially THOUSANDS at the same time you obtaining a better service or product.

Working with right Medical IT Support Provider can ensure your practices and your data’s safety and protection. Our technology and recommendations are compliant with the medical standards and and the privacy policy . We will ensure your data is backed up and encrypted at the same time your practice protected form any harmful viruses or randsomware. The cost for data recovery is very expensive if your data is lost or infected as well as it carries many potential legal battles. Let our Medical IT Experts recommend and implement the right solution so your data and practice is never at threat or in position where you will have large data recovery or legal costs.

please note: this level of protection is subject to the options chosen by the practice our consultants will advise the most suitable solutions to protect your practice. 

Medical & Dental devices can be hard to configure to a IT Network, sometimes causing long term on-going problems because of an incorrect setup initially. You will needs a team and individuals  that have had past interactions and worked to configure these devices to an IT network and devices. Generally Medical & Dental Devices are expensive and complicated; we understand and have had long standing experience in setting up , upgrading and supporting Dental & Medical Practices to these devices.

Medical IT will supply your practice with Telephony and internet services our team will provide you competitive pricing and the right services and specifications.
We will ensure you get the right internet speeds your practice needs and the right phones that do and work the way your practice likes. Please enquire with our consultants about telephone and internet services when you discuss the options with them.

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    Medical IT – IT Support for Doctors | Copyright 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Designed by The Web Clinic