IT Network Assessment

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IT Network Assessment

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Our Process


Enquire- Brief
Telephone conversation

Enquire either with a online enquiry from below or call in and one of our consultants will arrange a suitable time for or Medical IT Consultants & Engineers to come onsite and assess your site and understand your problems further.


Onsite Consultation and IT

The onsite consultation will allow you to understand how our company works, the options available for support and explanation of the next steps in the process. Our Medical IT Engineers will assess your current network and look at your current problems, identify threats, check the back up system/s and check if all items are in working order. This is by one of our senior engineers; so it is a thorough check and immensely valuable.


Onsite Catch up to Discuss
Quotes,Options and Solutions

After our onsite assessment our team will go away and assess the problems more in depth and look for solutions and options available to your practice. We assess your current problems or future goals and requirements, the quotation and options are discussed onsite. Your consultant will help explain the in’s and out’s of the quotation so you understand what you are getting and for what reasons.


Implementation of New Solutions
and Changes Proposed

We have a measured and detailed deployment plan when it comes to implementation of the new IT changes or additions for Medical & Dental Practices. We will plan it with your practice so you have the minimal downtime as well. Our team get it right the first time every time.

The Problems We Solve

Are you currently facing on going IT problems ? Look at our most common fixes.

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