Left in the deep end and lost your data?..we can help your practice in this situation

Have you lost your data ? Let us help you to get it back.

RAID Data Recovery (Server)

Have you lost your data on your server or have your disks died? This is a very critical situation especially if the medical data is on the server. Call our staff urgently to get a quotation and once you approve we will priorities this for your business.

Ransomeware Data Recovery

Have your files been affected by a virus or you can no longer access them because a hacker is holding you randsom? Please contact our consultants before paying any randsom’s or even contacting the hacker. There is high possibility you will put your self in deeper problems and they can’t be trusted. Let our professionals deal with situation to get the best outcome and your practice not having to pay a randsom.

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Hard drives are mechanical and can be troublesome, especially if the parts are old or not available.  If you have a disk or multiple disks with important data please contact u. These mechanical Sata drives get assessed in our lab then we begin to apply the fixes. Contact one of our consultants urgently so we can ensure we get the required items and parts in time.

SSD Disks

If your SSD has suddenly become inaccessible, been corrupted, damaged due to a liquid spill, suffered a power surge or suddenly failed. We can investigate the problem at hand in our labs and come back to you. We have one the most experienced and high success outcome teams across the country. Please contact our team to discuss the options and your requirements.

USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drives and USB’s are notorious for data corruption and extremely difficult when they fail. Our team will assess it in the laboratory and provide you an idea of what is involved in the recovery process.


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    Medical IT – IT Support for Doctors | Copyright 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Designed by The Web Clinic