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Options for Practices.


Network Maintenance, Anti-virus Security Monitoring & Backup Monitoring Only

This options includes maintenance on your server/s, PC’s and entire network. The maintenance’s can be done on a monthly or quarterly schedule frequency; this will be determined based on your practices network requirements. Tasks on your devices will be items such as updates of the hardware, optimisation of performance and updating, and upgrading all software including Medical or Dental software upgrades and drug database updates.

We also monitor your networks security & antivirus daily as well as your onsite backups. This plan is the bear minimum that a practice should have for their IT Network, as well as a pay as yo go support. This provides you with the ability to get billed for onsite and offsite support as the work is done. Maintenance are comparable to your regular mechanical checks and service you get for you automotive vehicle. However, you only get a lot more important because your network holds a lot of confidential and important patient data.

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Options
  • Keep your hardware optimised and protected

  • Keep your network up to date and secure

  • Eliminate any potential security threats

  • Identify threats before it affects your practice

What is Network Maintenance & Support & Anti-virus Security & Backup Monitoring?


Network Maintenance, Anti-virus Security Monitoring & Backup Monitoring and Prepaid Block Hours Support Pack

This option includes Network Maintenance, Backup monitoring, Anti virus and security monitoring as well as you take advantage of lower support rate by buying support hours upfront. It is inevitable the practice will require support and troubleshooting, so buying block hours upfront for cheaper rate is a very popular option embraced by practices. The maintenance plan can be paid quarterly, half yearly or annually and the support pack is purchased either 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours up front. When you get to your final hour on your support pack you will be notified to recharge and buy another block. Your support usage in the expired support pack will be sent to you as requested for your references, it will have a log of what,when and who worked on a support item. Support packs they can be used for both onsite and offsite IT support. We are confident our offsite and onsite IT support team will provide efficient, fast, and friendly Medical IT support for all your desktops, servers, networking devices and applications.

What is Network Maintenance, Anti-virus Security Monitoring & Backup Monitoring and Prepaid Block Hours Support Pack?

Types of IT Support Packs Options

  • 10 hours packs 

This support pack is typically used by Occasional users of IT Support this is not based on practices sizes but more on its demand of IT.

  • 20 hours packs 

Our most common purchased support pack used by 95% of the practices that choose prepaid hours, generally for Frequent Users with multiple staff and practice is reliant upon the it’s IT Network to perform.

  • 30 hours packs 

Used by multi disciplinary & multi site practices with high volume IT requests and high volume.


Network Maintenance, Anti-virus Security Monitoring & Backup Monitoring & Unlimited Helpdesk

This option includes Network Maintenance, Backup monitoring, Anti virus and security monitoring as well as well as unlimited help desk support. You and the staff in the practice can conveniently contact our Medical IT Help desk and receive support remotely almost straight away every time. This is a very popular option for practices who have basic IT requirements and are used to calling a support desk for help. Our strength and difference to other IT companies is that you will be connected to our help desk almost straight away and 10/10 times within a few rings where and expert will log in and provide you with a solution to your problem. Our Medical IT help desk support team will be aware of your setup, network details and technology in your practice allowing them to eliminate any problems fast and efficiently. This team of experts is supported by a technical infrastructure that allows us to deploy applications, updates patches, as well as detect problems fast as your practice will be connect to our remote software.

  • Reduced rate for onsite and offsite support
  • Fast and prompt response and service

  • Fast and prompt response and service

  • Our support team will have complete knowledge of your network and devices allowing them to get the work done quicker

  • Onsite Support not included and charged hourly with lower discounted rates

  • All offsite support included

  • Reduced spending on IT costs

What is Unlimited Help Desk Support?


Network Maintenance, Anti-virus Security Monitoring & Backup Monitoring & Unlimited Onsite & Remote Support

This option includes Network Maintenance, Backup monitoring, Anti virus and security monitoring as well as well as unlimited onsite and offsite support. Your practice will have unlimited access to both our onsite and offsite Medical IT Experts. When the practice requires IT attention or support our staff will support you based on the require wither onsite and offsite and you pay one bill all year. Your network’s maintenance and monitoring services are included as well giving you peace of mind on the network safety and performance. This approach suits practices with high volume IT requirements and who are looking to reduce their IT costs by ridding themselves of on-going IT Bills. This approach has helped our practices save on significant IT expenses, also faster IT response.  and better services. Practices have found this approach to be smart, convenient and valuable and practices of all sizes have embraced it from single doctor practices all the way up to hospitals. All onsite and help desk staff will be fully educated about your practice, have access to your PC’s or Mac’s & server;  as well as the IT details to get you up and running fast. Take a pain free approach to IT and pay one fee and let us be your IT department in your practice.

  • Network Maintenance, Network Monitoring Onsite & Offsite Support All Included

  • Fast Onsite and Offsite Response

  • Multiple Payment Options Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly

  • Convenient and Efficient.

  • Minimal Downtime
  • Multiple IT Experts in our team are allocated to your practice.
  • One Fixed IT Fee for your practice.

What is Unlimited Onsite & Offsite support?


Anti-virus Security & Backup Monitoring Only

Medical IT offers scheduled maintenance plans to ensure that your IT devices and IT Networks are prevented from any viruses, Trojans, spyware, hackers, hardware faults or implications. We get to potential problems before they attack your network and consequently your business.IT Maintenance are on a scheduled basis that will be determined between you and our IT consultant. We will also provide a report on our findings, any potential threats and any recommendations. Our maintenance’s are generally conducted by our IT Engineers after hours; so that your business does not face any down-time and  is not affected or disrupted.

Our server and network maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Protecting your practice from threats and randsome

  • Cleaning your viruses daily/weekly/monthly

  • Continually monitoring overall network security

  • Checking onsite backups daily

  • Ensuring backups are executed

  • Assessing backup activity and health

  • Protecting your site for an disaster encounter

What is Antivirus Security & Backup Monitoring only?


Support Pack Only Approach

Medical IT offers the opportunity for clients to work on  a support pack basis. All Onsite, offsite, Network Maintenance and all other IT task are deducted from an active support pack as the tasks are completed. This option does not include any monitoring or managed service it is traditionally a reactive model of IT where IT items are addressed as they come in. Although clients are welcome to adopt this approach we encourage they go with an all inclusive maintenance and support to lower their ongoing IT costs where all items including monitoring is included.

What is a Support Pack Only Option?

Types of IT Support Packs Options

  • 10 hours packs 
  • 20 hours packs 

  • 30 hours packs 


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