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Cloud Solutions for Doctors & Dentists

Work in Your Practice from Anywhere

Cloud for Doctors & Dentists

Why choose us when moving to the CLOUD?

CLOUD Server’s which are fast, reliable and secure

Cloud solutions can be difficult to understand as there are so many options. Medical Cloud Consultants are always happy to come to your practice and discuss the options available and answer any questions. Please feel free to make an appointment or call us today.

Easy and Safe Migration Process

Minimal Downtime For Your Practice

We are currently migrating practices safely to the cloud weekly. Our Cloud Services Team have a proven methodology and measured process that will keep your data and practice safe. We will also ensure that you are protected throughout the whole process and minimise any down time in your practice.

Data Kept Locally

All Data is stored locally in Australia

All your data is protected and safe in Australian data centres.  We also ensure that all the medical data is backed up and secure completely, protecting your practice from any breach of the privacy policy or medical data standards.

Performance Suitability for Medical & Dental

Server which is fast, reliable and secured

It is crucial to have a system that operates efficiently and does not slow your practice down. The last thing you want is for the system to crash, lag and or drop out regularly affecting your patient care and patient experience. 

Onsite Consultation

Things to Consider While Setting up Practice and right IT Providers

Cloud Solutions need to be personalised and suited to each practice. You will not be able to get this answered unless cloud providers have the following information about your practice. This includes data such as your internet speed, the number of users, the software your practices wish to utilise, the Medical or Dental devices connected to the internet, your printing and scanning requirements and how ‘paperless’ you want to be in your practice. We advise you to have a chat at the practice and get the right solutions and advice.

There is a high possibility that data can be compromised if the supplier is not planned and measured. Your old server and data needs to be completely protected then migrated and configured to the new cloud server. You should feel no difference apart from minor changes in the steps you take to do a task on your system and of course an significant improvement in speed and performance. This process should be done by the right people and we have significant experience. Speak with one of our consultants there always happy to help.

Your backup is kept in Australia, backed up and fully encrypted so your data is protected and safe. We have many layers of security and firewalls in place to protect you from any threats or your practices data being compromised.

We have cloud servers customised and personalised to the software/s your practice utilised. All of this will be taken into consideration when you are provided a proposal and costing. Every Medical and Dental Software has it’s own requirements when it comes to IT therefore if you do not get this right the practice will continue to suffer.

Yes this is simple and not expensive cloud servers have the flexibility to increase performance with a few clicks of a button as opposed to an onsite server where you need to upgrade the whole hardware. Cloud servers can be more cost effective when it comes to upgrading performance.

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