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What are our Oasis IT Support Services?

A flexible and affordable dental practice management software that reduces administration and improves workflow and productivity.

Easy to learn and simple to use, OASiS Dental Practice Management softwarehelps grow your income, effectively utilise your patient database and allows you to spend your time working on the things that really matter.

Are you facing on going IT problems!

We highly recommend you speak to to one of our friendly consultants about our IT services & IT solutions for Genie user’s. They will provide you the right solutions and provide you a number of affordable options.

Common Problems We Have Fixed

The Painful and infamous – Continual Dropout’s

Are you facing continual drop outs or freezing whilst working, this is a common problem that we have diagnosed and fixed for over 10 years.
Our IT Engineers will get to the cracks of the problems and put a permanent fix in place so it is permanently minimised or eliminated.

The Snail – Network is continually slow

Is your system so slow you and the staff are pulling their hair out? This slowness actually can affect productivity and profitability and in some cases patient care if the system can’t do what you need it to do in time.  Our Medical IT Engineers can diagnose and fix the exact cause of the problem and improve the speed of the network and how fast your Medical or Dental Software works. We have extensive experience and a number of solutions for this common problem. We will aim to do this in the most affordable way without compromising quality.

Printing & Scanning Villian – Printers & Scanning Problems

It is very frustrating and embarrassing at times when you are not able to simply print a document from your printer when there is a patient in your room or at reception. When it comes to scanning it should be fast efficient and most importantly not crash. We can resolve on-going printing and scanning issues that your practice may be facing. We look into the cause and suggest better ways with software’s available as well as assessing the hardware. Your printing and scanning problems should be eliminated once and for all after our experts assess it and fix it permanently.

Scratch my back – Negligence -Medical Data backup & Security

Has your IT provider lost your backup’s or were your backups not done right and now you’ve lost your data. Let our experts look at recovering your data to put you back in a safe position then implement the correct backup plan so you are never left ransomed or in a dangerous legal data breach situation. Medical Data is very important and must be backed up successfully daily as there are medico-legal data entered into patient files our backup advise and systems are medical compliant as well as fully encrypted which means they won’t ever be a case where you don’t have a backup or where your data has been hacked. If your IT Network doesn’t have the right firewall or antivirus security your Medical Software will not work well, your data will be vulnerable to external hackers and you will have a high chance of being held ransomed after opening a malicious virus that has corrupted or encrypted your data. get in touch with our experts to get you out of any data loss mess the practice is in at the moment and build a compliant backup plan moving forward.

The IT Phantom- Non responsive IT Provider

Are you continually stuck in an IT Situation where your provider is not coming back to you or not attending to your IT Problems in a timely manner. This is very common item practices complain to us about their current IT Providers. It is generally due to lack of staffing, negligence, laziness or bad work ethic. Our consultants and engineers understand the demands of a practice and promptly respond to your support requirements. We have a team of help desk staff available to answer your calls 9/10 times immediately. We also have on the road engineer team that will be at your practice fast in the case you are down and an account manager available around the clock for any queries you may have. The longer your IT system is down the longer your at risk of loosing patient data and information and a dent in your practices productivity and profitability. If your paying for an IT Service but not getting down, left unattended, an IT Guy/Team that’s lazy or not being given the attention your practice requires and still paying on-going bills make the switch we will help you transition safely and have the support and service your practice requires.

Are you building a new practice ?
We can help you from following services

All Your IT Hardware needs

Medical Software Advice -What’s right for your practice

Internet and Telephony in the Practice

On-going IT Support & Maintenance

Professional Installation & Configuration

Integration to Pathology & Medical Devices

On-going IT Support & Maintenance

EFTPOS & Medicare PKI assistance

Scanning, Fax & Printing Solutions

For Practices that are looking to upgrade their existing IT network.

For Practices that are looking to upgrade their existing IT network.

Are you looking for software and not sure which one is best for your new practice ?

Learn more on how you can get this Free advice without any fees or charges

Our consultants aim is to provide you with the best advice and ensure that your practice can continue to provide great health outcomes for patients through the use of technology and Software. They can show options where the charges for this important software advice can be waived or credited, enquire with our consultants today.

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  • Focused on Medical Technology for Genie users

  • Friendly Account Managers

  • Multiple support & Maintenance Options for Genie IT Support

What is Oasis?

OASiS V11 Dental Practice Management Software

A flexible and affordable dental practice management software that reduces administration and improves workflow and productivity.

Easy to learn and simple to use, OASiS Dental Practice Management softwarehelps grow your income, effectively utilise your patient database and allows you to spend your time working on the things that really matter.

Three key modules make up the heart of OASiS software – My Money, My Time and My Work – with additional components available for specialist requirements.

Day to day functionality can also be customised to adapt the OASiS software to your particular needs.

OASiS software gives dental practices wide-ranging patient database and scheduling tools, provides a smart financial package that enables you to better manage your time and reap the best returns. OASiS software comes with forward thinking clinical charting tools that improve chair-side workflow, assist in patient education and create compelling treatment plans.

Appointment Scheduler

The OASiS My Time module makes managing your appointment book as easy and flexible as possible.

Innovative layouts and controls allow you to simply point and click to create, amend, move and copy

Electronic Patient Files

The OASiS My Money module allows you to create electronic patient files, ensuring that all a patient’s individual information is recorded efficiently and in one place.

Patient files are kept in a single patient database with access to detailed patient information

Patient Billing

The OASiS Billing system is part of the My Money module, and is recognised as a leader in Practice Billing.

Using OASiS software Billing, financial accounting tasks and follow up are simplified

Patient Recalls

The OASiS My Money module helps you create a streamlined system to create and issue recall correspondence.

Create recall dates for multiple family members with a single key click

Practice Documents

Practice Documents allows you to link a variety of incoming and outgoing communications to a patient’s file, including letters, email attachments and call notes.

You can also link to MS Word, allowing you to create and selected preformatted template documents,

Clinical Charting

The OASiS software restorative charting system is the acknowledged leader in flexible yet powerful dental tooth charting.

Charting, clinical notes, treatment plans and invoicing are all integrated into a simple, easy to use interface.

Treatment Plans

OASiS My Work offers unparalleled speed and flexibility when it comes to treatment plan creation.

This includes multiple plans, appointment breakdowns, “exploding” groups, discounts and print

Clinical Notes

The OASiS clinical notes system is easily accessible, easy to read and easy to interpret.

Extensive clinical notes functionality automatically provides a line by line record of treatment.

Presentation Manager

OASiS Presentation Manager is ideal for creating any form of patient correspondence including treatment presentations, brochures, information sheets and patient education forms.

An easy to use Screen Forms Designer lets you construct forms containing any data or images held in

Communication Server

The OASiS Communications Server provides three components to meet all your practice needs – phone, email and SMS.

The Telephony Server links your telephone PABX to OASiS, enabling patient records to be updated

Advanced Reporting

OASiS Query Report Writer allows you to analyse your database, write your own reports, create your own mailing list and generate colourful graphs that help you understand and develop your business.

Dental practices can export information to other programmes, email and print reports.


Were you looking for another IT services for another Software?

We would like to make your browsing experience as easy as possible. If you are looking an alternative solutions please choose from the list or alternatively click on “Enquire” and our consultant will be very happy to discuss your requirements.

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