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Onsite Business Backup

Backing up your data is one of the most important aspects of the entire network for every Medical & Dental practice . Medical IT have worked extensively to identify the safest and most secure hardware backup devices available for practices and continue to review them technology available yearly. With the continual data protection laws being enforced on the medical and dental industry the need to safeguard and backup critical company data is of high importance for practices today. The use of an onsite storage device is a good and cost-effective method to protect your business data as it ensures data backup and centralized storage. Our onsite NAS devices provide the protection you need to keep your business running in case of a disaster and also the entire backup process is automated. We recommend a combined backup plan of an onsite back up device our secure offsite backup so that you are completely protected in a disaster recovery scenario.

  • Economical and Safe
  • Data protected and kept onsite
  • On board mirroring and replication
  • Automated Scheduled backups
  • Not protected from any physical damage
  • Not protected from fire, flooding, water damage
  • Mix up of data

  • Incorrect data backup
  • Fast backup and restore
  • Email notifications on failed backups
  • View backup log details
  • Staffing or human errors when manually backing up

Not having a proper Onsite backup will lead you to the following risks & threats.

Offsite Cloud Backup

The Medical IT Offsite Cloud is the an extremely reliable, safe and secure approach to backing up your business data offsite. All your files and information are retrieved to a secure cloud environment that is fully encrypted. In the first level it is password protected making it extremely hard for anyone to access. The Second level of protection is when your data leaves your facility to be backed up in the Medical IT Cloud, the transmission scrambles the data using 128-bit encryption, making it basically impossible to be viewed or accessed by any third party including us. Your data from all your sites, practices, offices, regional offices or mobile computers will be centrally backed up, providing your devices are all configured to be backed up to the Cloud.

  • Checking switches connectivity and performance
  • Checking hubs connectivity and performance

  • Checking routers connectivity and performance

  • Checking print servers connectivity and performance

  • Checking printers connectivity and performance

  • Checking firewall rules connectivity and performance

  • Checking firewall logs connectivity and performance

Not having a proper offsite backup will lead you to the following risks & threats.

Secondary Backup Server – Live Replication and Business continuity

Our Medical IT Engineers recommend all practices to have a redundancy plan for the practice’s IT network in the event of ‘server down’ station. We highly recommend that a live fail over backup server is implemented in the practice, and the entire server is replicated live to a secondary server. the secondary server will a live “mirror” of your entire server and if our Primary server crashes we can ‘flick the switch’ and keep your practice online and live whilst we fix the problems on the primary server. If a server fails you can take any where up to a day to weeks to get you backup and running and it can cause dramatic affects to the practice and its operation. Practice do face dramatic downtime whilst waiting for another server to be re-built, migration of the data and also configuring the server to all your devices. With a Backup Server you will face minimal downtime when your primary server crashes, is affected by a virus, becomes corrupted or simply stops working, whilst we work on the primary server your business doesn’t have to wait during the recovery or replacement phase and once the Primary server is rebuilt or replaced by our engineers and the ‘reverse switch’ is applied and your network will return to operating from the primary server and no data is lost and the practice is continually online.

The simple way to see the value of this recommendation is to calculate the total operating cost of the business per hour with staffing, expenses, time lost, patient dissatisfaction vs  the cost of a backup server. You will be able to clearly see the value of a backup server with this method.

  • Eliminates basically any downtime when your primary server crashes
  • Eliminates any data recovery or disaster recovery costs
  • No loss of income practice will continue to be online
  • All your data is safe from any corruption or data loss
  • Continually backs up all your data to your backup server

Not having a onsite backup server can potentially lead to the following threats.

Cloud Based Backup Server

If you feel that you don’t have the room or want to pay for your backup server monthly as opposed to the entire hardware cost upfront we allow fro your primary server to be replicated by an offsite backup server in a secure data centre. The Cloud back up server will continually back up and mirror all the data and in the occasion that your primary server has ‘crashed’ your devices will be remotely connected to your offsite server and your business can resume operations and continue using your IT devices. The Primary server will then be assessed by our engineers and then re-built or completely replaced. In the meantime your practice doesn’t have to wait during the recovery or replacement phase. Once the Primary server is rebuilt or replaced by our engineers your network will return to operating from the primary server and the backup server will go back to becoming an offsite back up source for you.

Benefits of a Cloud backup server

  • Never be offline: no loss of income
  • Protected from any physical hardware damage
  • Cheaper to run and lower upfront costs
  • Live replication
  • Data is encrypted and backed up 3rd layer backup

There are a number of advantages when implementing a backup cloud server:

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