Paperless Solutions for

Medical & Dental Practices

The Benefits of being Paperless ?

  • Information stored & protected electronically.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Less paper in the practice and more room

  • Access to your patient files remotely through a secure connection

  • No more lost files

  • Easier transfer of information between doctor’s and staff

  • Saves the cost of paper and printing

  • Save the trees

  • Team of Experts

  • Fast Customer Support

  • Rapid Onsite Support

  • Exclusively working in the Medical & Dental space

  • Direct access to Medical Software support teams

  • Dedicated to Medical & Dental Technology

  • Friendly Account Managers

  • Multiple Support options

Why Paperless Approach is Beneficial ?

Save on Printing Costs 100%
No Need for Document Destructions 100%
Information Available Electronically 100%
Eco Friendly 100%

Approach 1 – Immediate paperless approach

Description-  All your past paper files will be scanned into the software program within a set period of time and no more paper will be used from an allocated date onwards.

All paper based activities/tasks will now be done through a industry specific software system.

Aim- To completely remove and stop using paper immediately.

Approach 2 -Transitional paperless approach

  • You have the option to continue using paper in certain parts of the business i.e Doctors progress notes/consult notes but they will be digitised by scanning the notes into the software system post-consult.

  • The process to becoming paperless is transitional over a period of time not immediately. In this method there are no set time periods or dedicated staff to scan in all past files.

  • Patient files will be scanned/digitised into your software program only when a patient returns to your practice their paper file will be digitised then the files are shredded.

  • All patient files, documents, results etc. will be scanned in over time not within a set period.

  • Some aspects such as results, notes, letters, radiology, scripts will be done electronically on your software. depending on how much the doctor wants to become electronic.

  • All new patient files will be entered electronically from the initial visit and consult.

AIM-  To eliminate paper documents and file over time but continue to use paper for some activities and tasks

Approach 3 – Part paperless approach

Description- Certain documents will be scanned to an electronic document management software system but some tasks will continue to be paper based I.e patient files.

AIM- To reduce paper and have some of the documents/files/results electronic.

Paperless solutions is our expertise please contact us so we can make this transition easy and effective for you.


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