Practice Relocation

Let us help you move from one location to another and reconnect everything

Why work with us to relocate your practice?

Step 1
Site investigation and Audit

Our consultants will come onsite to assess your requirements, current quantity of hardware and types of devices that will be moving to your new location. We also will do an assessment of the configurations in place and other preferences to ensure that everything is a as smooth as possible on your first day and your new location.

Step 2
Begin the Planning and do the Move

Our Consultants will go away and present a quote, Once you have accepted they will begin to plan the move with regards to dates and an execution plan. Our team will come onsite begin the move and migrate all hardware and reconnect them to your new site all safe and secure. We do the end to end pickup, pack, transport and reconnect. Using an IT Expert to do this relocation is significantly more sensible and safe and your practice will get an end to end solution in comparison to a standard removalist.

Step 3
Reconnect and Go live day

Once the site is reconnected we will be there on the first day to help ensure a smooth transition and if there were any minor items missed for us to amend on the spot. Our practices that have used us have enjoyed our service so much that they are all our clients now. We take pride in our attention to detail in the relocation process as well as customer service and on-going help.

Reason why to choose us for your relocation

Affordable 100
High Quality & Safe 100
Secure and Protected 100
On time and Prompt 100


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