Upgrade Your Medical or
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Options for Upgrading

Moving From Your Current Onsite Server to a New Onsite Server

If you feel your data would be in better hands situated at your practice and prefer to keep it at your premises, we will ensure you get the right server when upgrading and install it safely at your practice. We will calculate your IT performance expectations, as well as how many patients you or the practices sees daily . This will provide us with the storage space used currently which will indicate to us the best alternative server that will perform for a number of years and eliminate any put downs that many practice experience.

Our Medical IT Engineers will ensure you have smooth transition as well as safely protect and migrate all data  to your new server. There are potential threats of data corruption & data loss when migrating, our calculated approach will eliminate this from happening. We advise that you work with Medical IT Specialists as through feedback and research we have noticed Generalist IT Providers being negligent, inexperienced and or careless during upgrades making it havoc for practices. Keep your practice data safe and use the the right people to do this upgrade for your practice.


Moving From Your Current Onsite Server  to a Cloud server

Our Secure Medical Cloud Servers can facilitate almost any necessity when it comes to performance and storage requirements. You won”t need a server onsite and or have large server cabinets built that may take up room in your practice. You can have the  flexibility to increase the performance of your server without having to buy a whole new server with the incentive of paying a fraction of the cost. Our Cloud Servers are compliant and all have fail over redundancy to avoid your practice from suffering any downtime problems.

There are many factors to consider when moving to the cloud i.e. internet speed at your premise, number of users accessing the server, the type of software being used by the users, security and many more. Our consultants will ensure that they take you through all the details during your consultation effectively and ways to prevent and or eliminate IT problems within your practice.


Complete Network Upgrade

Entire network upgrades will ensure your complete network runs optimal. Our Medical IT Engineers will ensure that you do not ‘over spend’ on unnecessary items or hardware. However, yet reach the expected performance required by your practice. We can assist with upgrading your server, PC’s, Mac’s, software, printers, scanners, labellers, dictation devices and with any other technological items within your practice.

What is crucial to note here is that a system upgrade does require some level of financial investment and you will also want to ensure you have the right people upgrading the entire network.  This is so you do not fall into the trap of a poor network upgrade. That under performs and requires you to continually invest more and more money for ‘fixes’ in the long term. Our Medical IT Engineers will scope the entire network, understand your expectations, look at your budget and recommend a number of solutions to suit as close as possible to your requirements.


Upgrading PCs, Scanners & Printers

Getting the right PC’s or Mac’s are important as there could be a number of applications that are installed on them that may consume memory, CPU and disk space. We will know what PC’s and Mac’s are suitable for your practice based on the requirements and the software’s you will be using. We can supply your practice with 1 or large volume orders of 100+.

We can also help your practice save a significant amount on printing costs, the cost of running a printer with toner replacement, parts replacement and servicing in which can cost your practice a significant amount.  Our options will allow you to only pay for what you use with all the services included. Alternatively, we can upgrade the hardware and you can continue to purchase the toner. Our consultants will aim to reduce the cost of toner and maintenance and overall the cost per page.

Upgrading and recommending the correct scanners is hard and, in most cases, practices are recommended the incorrect technologies. Scanners that don’t scan enough pages fast enough tend to jam and do not finish the entire scan of documents causing a lot of frustrations for staff members.  This may lead to issues of not all documents being scanned may lead to losing very important scanned files and documents. Scanners for medical and dental also require specific drivers (software) to work, we will ensure your scanner is compliant.


Moving Your Email to the Cloud

Traditionally web hosting providers supply emails; but these are for small business that do not transfer important and confidential data such as medical and or patient information and files. As many medical and dental practices would know emails sometimes are delayed or they don’t even reach recipients effectively or quick enough.

We have solutions for email hosting services that is protected with high security, 99.9% up time and is highly secured for all our practices. We advise that all practices should be utilising this so information is successfully transmitted securely and is always received by you and the other party you wish to send it to.


The benefits our clients enjoy after an Upgrade ?

Process for Upgrading

Process for Upgrading

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Our Advice When Upgrading

the Dos

the Don’ts

the Dos

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